Content Writing Vs OpenAI: Who Does It Best?

For content writers, the words OpenAI can often send a chill down their spine. The thought of being replaced by a machine is the stuff of nightmares or horror movies. However, after a year or so of AI content writing services being around, the biggest question that comes to mind is “Who does it best”?

Here at Sherbet Donkey, our content writers take huge pride in their work and are fully aware of how best to use OpenAI to their advantage.

What is content writing?

Content writing is simply the process of writing texts for websites to inform, persuade and influence readers to take certain actions. The main aim is to generate a response to the reading of the content, for instance, the purchasing of a product, service or signing up for a newsletter and more.

Used in a variety of ways within marketing, content writing can be used for print ads, online marketing, websites and much more. When done effectively, content writing can inform, draw attention, create curiosity and even inspire readers to act in a certain way. In using the right words, persuasive techniques and an understanding of their target audience, content writers can adapt their writing to match the needs of their audience with maximum effect.

What’s the difference between content writing and OpenAI?

If you’re unsure of what OpenAI is, then where have you been for the last year? Taking the world by storm, OpenAI is a company that has developed artificial intelligence technology and is the creator of platforms such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bing and others that are capable of automatically creating text, pictures, code and more on given commands.

When comparing the two, there are some quite significant differences. Essentially, content writing requires human skills and consists of writing persuasive and engaging texts, whilst focusing on understanding specific business objectives and consumer psychology. OpenAI primarily focuses on building algorithms and generating text based on patterns and data from the internet. However, OpenAI can be used as a fantastic tool for content writers, helping to research, find information to write content from and boost productivity.

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Are there benefits to content writing?

There are many different benefits to using human-written content, in comparison to AI-generated copy. There is an emotional connection that is present when content is being written by content writers, human content incorporates emotion and empathy in the right places and instances, building a connection with readers. Content created by a person is also less repetitive and brings the human element of anecdotes and humour that AI cannot. Google will also rank human text more highly than AI-created content.

In comparison to AI software, content created by a person is typically more original, unique and fresh. AI technologies find this incredibly difficult to recreate, making humanly written text much more obvious to spot due to its originality.

The creativity of human written content shines clearly above that of OpenAI due to the use of popular references, jokes, puns and wordplay. All of which can keep readers engaged and build connections with the audience. Not only that, but the human mind can create versatile content for various formats, such as eBooks, social media posts, blogs and so much more.

Disadvantages of content writing

As with any content written by a human, there is always the concern of it being overly subjective and therefore more biased as writers can push their prejudices into their content. Investing in content writing can also be time-consuming and if outsourced in some instances can be quite costly as it requires effort and creativity. Scalability for human content can be difficult, as there is only so much content that can be produced before needing a break.

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Are there benefits to AI-generated content?

Firstly, the most obvious benefit of AI software-generated content has to be how much time can be saved by using this technology. Content can be produced in a significant amount of time, by AI in comparison to content written by a person.

Content created by OpenAI is based on algorithms and rules, so the content it produces will be consistent in quality. Not only that, AI-created text is easily scaled up in volume, due to its ability to produce content in a short amount of time, enabling businesses and individuals to create large quantities of content rapidly.

Investing in a quality AI content tool such as OpenAI can be a relatively cost-effective option in comparison to human copywriters. The cost of resolving any errors is significantly lower for AI technologies than having errors caused by writing staff.

Disadvantages of AI content

However, there are some disadvantages to using AI content tools for your content creation. The lack of creativity has been a clear indication in deciding the difference between human and AI-generated content. As software like OpenAI uses algorithms and rules to create content, they are restricted when it comes to adding a creative touch to its content, it generally reads as repetitive and slightly robotic in style.

There is usually a limited understanding of context. AI has not been programmed to understand the context of content like humans can, which can cause inappropriate or embarrassing content to be created. AI is also not always 100% factually correct –there is even a waiver at the bottom of the page to warn the user that they can make mistakes. Another issue with AI is dependence, if companies become over reliant on using AI to create content, it can significantly impact the quality of the content being produced and Google can rank the site lower than engagingly written human writing.

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So, who does it better? Content writers or AI software

So, when it comes to content writing, who does it better? If you’re looking for quality content creation, there are benefits and disadvantages to both. The traditional form of content writing will always be more beneficial in most settings, however, using OpenAI as a tool to boost and benefit your content can positively impact the overall quality of your offerings without compromising on the emotions and humour that come with text written by a living, breathing person.

If you’re struggling with your content and feel like you don’t know what to do to make it better, then we are here to help. Offering quality written content that is driven by SEO, our team of experienced writers can help take your company’s content to the next level. If you’re unsure where to start, let us help you! Give us a call at 08001979803 or drop us a line at

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