Absolute Racking Inspections Ltd

Absolute Racking Inspections Ltd are SEMA-approved rack inspectors with over 40 years of experience in their industry – a totally independent company that is committed to providing non-biased and impartial service with easy-to-follow reports.

What success looks like

Success for Absolute Racking Inspections Ltd looked like a brand new website to help promote their services nationwide. They wanted a new design that would showcase what they do in an updated fashion, using more imagery and interactive elements.

How we did it

We started by creating a website mockup for Absolute Racking which they really liked, so we went ahead and rolled out the design. They loved the font we used on our own website, so a similar font was used throughout their design. We used an expanded colour palette featuring green, grey and black, with the inclusion of shapes and moving elements, to help portray a friendly and ’real‘ feel to the entire website.

Absolute Racking How We Did It
Absolute Racking Development Template


To create Absolute Racking Inspections’ new website, we chose to use Beaver Builder as this allows them to make quick changes and manage their website themselves with complete ease. We also condensed their pages as there were a significant number of pages on the website, making it difficult to navigate. A simpler design makes important information more readily available. We also integrated two request-a-quote options, a ‘quick quote’ option so users can get information swiftly and another option with four steps that provides more detailed information. This allows users to get the information they need quickly.


Absolute Racking asked for us to help with their SEO after their website launch in October 2023. Although our SEO process has only just begun, they have already gone from seeing very little traffic before our intervention to seeing an increase within just a few weeks.

We wanted to expand their site by creating targeted landing pages for specific terms and to get them to rank on page one for their niche services. Our SEO strategy is an ongoing process with Absolute Racking and even in just four weeks, they’ve received six organic submissions through their website due to moving onto pages two and three.

Absolute Racking Before Absolute Racking After


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