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All-Tech Midlands are the go-to choice for home installation and security products. A local and reliable service, All-Tech works within a 50-mile radius of their headquarters and offers professional installation on all their products without pushy sale techniques and unexpected costs you might get from other home security companies.

What success looks like

Success for All-Tech looked like creating a new website that was modern and showcased its range of products and its fantastic showroom but also broadened its customer reach, whilst being consistent across all types of platform viewing.


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How we did it

All-Tech Midlands came to us for a new website design that would increase their enquiries and reach various audiences they weren’t reaching with their old and outdated website. Their old website had been in service for many years and wasn’t showcasing their offering as well as it could, so we decided to start with a refresh to give All-Tech a modern, yet effective, website.

All Tech How We Did It 1

User experience and user interface design

All-Tech Midlands were looking for a new website design that would broaden their audience scope, whilst driving more organic traffic and conversions. We incorporated bold and vibrant colours, with a blue and red colour scheme. Ensuring clear and consistent CTAs were visible throughout the site, so users would be guided seamlessly through their journey. There was an introduction of content blocks, with the text being broken up on product pages by different layout options, making it easy to scan and ensure the webpage was visually appealing.

All Tech Development Template 1


For All-Tech Midlands we integrated a block-based approach for a responsive design that was functional and effective. Global CSS and jQuery were implemented across the website for interactivity and enhanced styling. We wanted to showcase the All-Tech Midlands range of products effectively, so galleries were strategically embedded throughout the entire site. We also included custom fields with additional content to offer an engaging visual experience.


All-Tech Midlands signed up for our SEO services after loving the website we created. There was a selection of primary focus areas that we wanted to target which were also key products for the company. With our persistent SEO tactics, we have seen All-Tech move up into third and fourth position on Google for two of their target keywords. Our SEO with them is ongoing and we are now in the process of adding other elements to our strategy. We can’t wait to see how things will progress further for them as we work together in the coming months.

All Tech Before All Tech After


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