An independent multidisciplinary construction company with over 55 years of experience, Benniman leads technically challenging projects through to completion. With experience in a variety of sectors including retail, offices, infrastructure, logistics and more, Benniman is the go-to company for delivering high-quality projects.

What success looks like

Success for Benniman looks like a new website that can showcase what the company offers and help create engagement with the community. They were looking for a more personal site that reflected the heart of the brand and could encourage further projects without losing the personal touch they were seeking.

How we did it

Benniman wanted a new website that could build a connection with their clients and demonstrate their hands on approach with their clients. Their old website had been around for several years and was looking outdated and didn’t represent Benniman in the way they wanted it to.

How We Did It 1

User experience and user interface

When it came to the design for the website, it was clear Benniman’s site needed modernising and something visually appealing. The use of curved shapes throughout the website added fluidity and the use of blues and reds, chosen to match the company branding, maintained consistency throughout the brand which was modern and striking. The website’s navigation was streamlined and intuitive, with clear calls to action highlighted in red to guide visitors through the site and encourage engagement. Compelling and informative content was developed to engage visitors and educate them about Benniman’s services, values and approach to construction and fit-out projects

Development Template


For Benniman we decided to leverage WordPress and its core functions to ensure the website was completely user-friendly and secure. We opted for SVGs (scalable vector graphics) to achieve a look that was lightweight throughout. To ensure all coding was organised and efficient, we used different classes for each section of the site, this helps to avoid repetitive code and maintain a cohesive design throughout. We implemented custom post types to keep the site organised and avoid default posts, this helps to streamline content management and provides a clear structure. In addition to this, we set up custom taxonomies to further classify and organise content, making it easy to navigate.

Benniman Before Benniman After


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