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Bold IT is an award-winning and highly credited IT company which prides itself on being more than just an IT support service but aims to partner with every client to become their IT department, regardless of the size of their company or network.

What success looks like

Success is increasing organic traffic through the website and customer enquiries as well as IT partnerships entered into. See below what success for Bold IT has looked like since the launch of their new website towards the end of last year.

How we did it

Bold IT wanted to have a new, clean-cut dynamic-looking website that truly reflected their no-nonsense, jargon-free approach to IT support and services for their clients. Their old site was tired-looking and hadn’t changed to properly represent their company ethos or services over the years.

How We Did It

Interface design

We used the branding colours and logo from their old site, and by adding in some darker tones we were able to make the colours much more vibrant. The goal was to create a dynamic design which worked well on all formats from mobile to tablet and desktop with clean, clear images and fonts to display the services the company offers and give website visitors a logical and easy user experience. The client loved our design, which we were then able to hand over to our expert development team.

Development Template


For the Bold IT new site, we worked on the core WordPress framework to ensure the site would load quickly for users, and minimised third-party plugins to further enhance performance as these can frequently slow down websites. We designed a custom theme for the company to create a secure and lightweight website that would provide an efficient user experience. As Bold IT has many service pages we organised these in a logical and efficient site management structure to ensure users can easily find the information they need. The main goal of the build was to focus on speed, security and user-friendliness, incorporating custom code, a minimalist approach to plugins and strategic content organisation, and we’re really pleased with the result – as was the client.


Through thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, we developed a plan to help Bold IT pass their competition and climb the ranks of Google. We made sure their domain transfer proceeded without a hitch and using technical SEO techniques we have maintained and raised their rankings. In the short time since the new website went live in November 2023, we have seen many of their keywords ranking some of their pages in Google’s top ten and thousands of impressions of the site. We are seeing them gain in strength with optimised and targeted landing pages with header structures, customer-friendly internal linking and clear, jargon-free content that is conversion focused.

Before BoldIT After BoldIT


Client feedback

client feedback 001
reviews 001

We have recently switched our SEO to Sherbet and have also gone ahead with a new website design to assist with the SEO efforts.

From our initial meeting, they have been forthcoming with ideas and strategies and have been a pleasure to work with.

We are excited about working with them for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend them.

Steven Brazier

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