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Carla’s Captivating Content is a company that offers learning content and training materials to support and enhance businesses and organisations. They design content around the client and provide training for the trainers to deliver. 

What success looks like

Success looks like achieving a more professional and stable site for the customer that has a bespoke and modern feel and a responsive, accessible design for clients. 

How we did it

The client briefed us that they wanted a more professional and stable website platform that felt more bespoke and modern and was more accessible and responsive for users. 

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User experience and user interface design

We started off with the foundation of the website setting out the core pages within the sitemap which helped us to determine in-depth user flows. We introduced some new, secondary pastel colours to give the website a new lease of life and incorporated a puzzle piece logo. The finished product had fun animations and a clean, bright look to ultimately drive sales through the site and increase sales conversions.  

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We incorporated CSS and JavaScript to create interactive animations and hover effects to make the site lively and engaging. We ensured optimal performance by compressing images and files to enhance speed optimisation and to make the website fully responsive on all types of devices. To enable communication we integrated user-friendly forms and Google Maps to make it easier for clients to get in touch with Carla’s company. Additionally, we optimised loading times by minifying CSS and JS files and implementing caching for improved data retrieval performance. The final result was a visually appealing, interactive and user-friendly website for ease of use for Carla and her clients.  

Carla Before Img Carla After Img


Client feedback

client feedback 001
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Absolutely brilliant and skilled team to work with. Have been nothing but professional, friendly and have exceeded expectations! Would recommend 100% for anyone looking for a new, modern and responsive website.

Carla Prout, Carla’s Captivating Content

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