Clay GBP

Clay GBP is a full-service accountancy practice that offers accounting, tax and business advice and has a vast array of clients from different industries – Hollywood actors to international food producers – and they aim to tailor their services to each individual client. 

What success looks like

Success was creating a clean and dependable site that echoed the client’s desire to give the impression of professionalism with approachable qualities. They wanted their clients to find their site quicker to use and easier to navigate.  

How we did it

The client came to us for a branding package, and we created several stylescapes and a final branding board which incorporated all the attributes they most liked from each.  

Clay GBP How We Did It

User experience and user interface design

They were looking for a site that exuded professionalism whilst being modern, colourful, simple and approachable. The website design was formed from this and we also shot all of their photography to ensure a uniform look.  

Clay Development Img copy


The client wanted to have a fast speed score for their site and to make sure it was fully interactive. One of the bigger challenges of the website was creating a dynamic gallery on their ‘Career’ page which would allow the client to add as many images as they chose through the back end of the website and update them in the future. The final product was a visually appealing and easily navigable website.

Clay Before Img Clay After Img

Another Sherbz Success Story Another Sherbz Success Story Another Sherbz Success Story Another Sherbz Success Story

Client feedback

client feedback 001
reviews 001

The team at Sherbet Donkey have been great from start to finish. They talked us through each step and were always on hand for guidance. They were super patient with our ever-evolving brief. Our thanks to Megan and the team. The website is smart, professional, and functional, we are very happy with the outcome.

Berni Spires, Clay GBP

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