HTF Associates

HTF Associates is a UK-based company offering Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for the pharmaceutical industry. They offer confidential and bespoke advice on GDP, whether you're considering your initial supply chain design or have existing licences that you need help with.

What success looks like

For HTF Associates, success was effectively creating a new website that correctly represented the brand. They were looking for a site that had a synergy between their social media and website, whilst also providing a three-click max for customers to get in contact.

How we did it

HTF Associates approached us for a new website design and additional branding elements that matched the new design. They wanted their new website to feel refreshed, with a professional and high-end appearance. Their old website wasn’t user-friendly, looked very outdated and didn’t accurately represent their company or the services they provide. We worked with them to create a design that was consistent across all brand collateral, whilst ensuring all elements were friendly and professional.

How We Did It

User experience and user interface design

After sitting down with HTF Associates, we were able to create new branding, including a new logo, business card, letterhead, PowerPoint presentation design, email signature and brand guidelines that suited their brand better. The goal was to give the website an entire refresh, incorporating a modern and professional feel that was consistent with all physical and digital formats including their social media platforms. HTF loved the selection of stylescapes we presented to them and chose a variety of aspects they liked from all boards, which allowed us to go away and create a design that included all the aspects they loved.

Development Template


For HTF Associates, we ensured a solid foundation for good functionality and back-end structure. We employed a block-based development, building individual sections and then integrating them into the complete site. The implementation of responsiveness for each section helped us save time by utilising customised fields which allowed for additional content fields on pages and, essentially, allowed for a quick and effective site build. A global CSS was employed for efficient page creation, including layout and styling. We also incorporated jQuery to allow for slider animations and general animations throughout the website. PHP was used to construct blocks and pull them through to the front-end. Using PHP ensured a fast server-side load and leveraged WordPress’s core to help build a sleek website.

Before HTF After HTF


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