KGJ Insurance

A family-run, Midlands-based insurance broker who offer independent advice on financial products such as pensions, savings, investments and mortgages, as well as commercial and personal insurance. 

What success looks like

Success looks like achieving a more professional and stable site for the customer that has a bespoke and modern feel and a responsive, accessible design for clients. 

How we did it

KGJ Insurance briefed us on a website design that was clean and clear with lots of white space that conveyed a professional yet approachable feel to clients. The site design was based around the woodland animals which we created to represent their different types of customers.  

How We Did It KGJ

User experience and user interface design

The woodland animal families were created to convey the values of the company – trustworthy, approachable and reliable. The styling of the website combines the playfulness of animals with the seriousness of insurance to support their family-based company ethos. The finished website was clean and clear providing a straightforward user experience and the client was thrilled with the result. 

KGJ Development


KGJ opted for an ambitious SEO strategy which involved the creation of approximately 30 pages for various sub-categories. To facilitate this phased rollout over several months, we integrated a feature whereby if a page isn’t yet published, its corresponding “Read more” button won’t appear in the grids. This approach allows both the SEO team and the client to efficiently deploy a vast number of pages without needing to adjust the query. The result is a clean, clear and easily navigable site that works for users over a vast array of devices.  


Originally coming to us for SEO, the client wanted to increase and optimise on-page content and increase the profile of their service pages as well as add to their blog page and have technical SEO practices for their site. We worked on a strategy based on competitor analysis and keyword research as well as the goals that the client wanted to reach. We worked to make sure that the transition to their new site maintained their rankings and then improved them by targeting certain niche service offerings, optimising landing pages, heading structures and creating clear linking within the site. The results are a site that is gaining in strength for our happy customer.   

KGJ Before Img KGJ After2


Client feedback

client feedback 001
reviews 001

Sherbet Donkey are an effective web development and marketing agency with a strong and creative team. I very much enjoy working with them.

Sebastian Parsons, KGJ Insurance

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