Mopheads is Birmingham’s bubbliest cleaning, ironing and laundry company that puts customer service first. Founded in 1995, there are now over forty professionals in the team and growing.

What success looks like

Success for Mopheads was to have a clear and clean-looking website that was easy to navigate and reflected their team’s caring, down-to-earth loveliness. They were looking for a site that would help clients find what they were looking for and ultimately bring more custom to the business.

How we did it

Mopheads came to us for a new website design that reflected the clean, fun and modern feel of the company. We started with the high-fidelity wireframes of all the pages and, as we wanted to keep the fun element whilst modernising it, which is when we added all the bubbles. We worked with them to use clean, clear illustrations to make sure it didn’t look too childlike while keeping all the fun elements of their company – including the rounded bubble shapes throughout.

Mopheads How We Did It Img


As part of the design, and as the client wanted to represent their ‘bubbly’ personality, we worked with the development of the website to create subtle bubble animations floating up the screen, over their images. Their site needed to be clean and clear in terms of design, so the development aspects weren’t too tricky in terms of images and information. We created full-screen bubble effects for the website that would have the bubbles ‘popping’ at certain positions to emphasise the cleaning theme and the fun personality of the company as a whole.


Business owner, Tanya, asked us to help her increase enquiries within the local area for each of the services they provide, so we developed an SEO strategy around local targeted areas. We carried out keyword analysis and competitor research to ensure the results we wanted were achieved. We optimised pages onsite and created landing pages to drive leads, creating engaging high-quality content, helping the new website gain greater visibility and trust within Google’s rankings. The keyword rankings and their levels of enquiries and conversions are continually improving, and we’re looking to help them grow even further.

Mopheads Before Img Mopheads After Img

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