SENtre is an autism-friendly centre and support hub for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) – providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment where children can flourish and reach their potential and parents and carers can receive support.  

What success looks like

Success for SENtre was to have an informative, clean, simple and easy to read website that users could navigate quickly. See below how their new site has been driving their visibility and customer interaction since it went live. 


tracked keyword position movement since website launch


organic sessions on the site


increase in organic traffic since site launch

How we did it

SENtre wanted a bright, colourful site that gave a sense of fun compared to the lacklustre website that they had before. 

SENtre How We Did It Img

User experience and user interface design

We loved working on this project and bringing out our artistic, illustrative strengths. We chose simple, colourful logos to represent the friendly, approachable character of the centre and staff, and to help reinforce the nurturing and fun elements of what SENtre offer to families, parents and carers. With a clean, clear journey throughout the website, the client was thrilled with the designs.  

SENtre Development Img


Building the SENtre website was a delightful endeavour. The main aim of the site was to make sure that it was user-friendly for every type of user and interface. Designed for a charity and targeting children and parents, we aimed for the website to be vibrant and engaging. We creatively employed pseudo-elements for background letters, numbers, animals and other logos, and empowered the client with the ability to modify these in terms of colours, positioning, size, rotation and character content.  


The clients were keen to see users responding to the SENtre Hub facilities as well as their online and home therapies. They also wanted to see the number of users responding to the site double, as well as an increase in customers using their services. By conducting keyword analysis and competitor research, we created an SEO strategy to help them to begin hitting the targets they wanted to achieve through their new website. We oversaw a change of domain and ensured that their rankings were preserved and improved with advanced technical SEO practices. We’re seeing their site continue to gain visibility and strength. 

SENtre Before Img SENtre After Img

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