The Paintball Park

Offering eight of the most realistic game zones to play in, The Paintball Park (PPK) is known as the most competitively priced paintballing site in the country. With some of the best facilities and rated the best for outstanding customer service, PPK is the place to go for the best paintballing experience that doesn’t compromise on safety.

What success looks like

Success for PPK looks like a brand new website design that reflects its success and future ambitions. Not only that, The Paintball Park was looking for a design that would drive more organic traffic and customer enquiries to the site, while also bringing in new bookings.


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increase in organic traffic since January 2024


increase in organic clicks in last 12 months

How we did it

The Paintball Park wanted a new, modernised, dynamic website that completely reflected their fun and energetic experience. Their old site was very outdated and didn’t clearly showcase the additional features and areas that have been added to PPK since its founding.

How We Did It 2

User experience and user interface

When PPK approached us for a new website design we soon realised that the user journey needed a complete overhaul to create an easier and more enjoyable booking experience for potential customers. We ensured that the pricing was clear and mentioned throughout the website with clear and enticing calls to action across the board.

We incorporated a fully responsive design, making it easier to use on any device, while the bold interface design and animated elements create a memorable experience and help PPK stand out from their competitors. Providing more comprehensive information about the game zones and park facilities on the main menu creates an easy to follow and easy to understand user experience in fewer clicks.

Development Template 2


For The Paintball Park, we developed a completely custom and bespoke theme that prioritises online security. We wanted to minimise plugin usage to help improve loading times across the site. We also chose to integrate WooCommerce to streamline the booking process, so it was a simpler method for users to follow. Separate pages have been created for efficient content organisation, while WordPress default functions have been utilised to further optimise the website and significantly improve loading times throughout.


Although PPK retained the same domain, the site structure needed to be changed and with migrations like this, it’s important to mitigate the impact on organic rankings. To ensure a smooth transition, we made a note of traffic and existing rankings, which helped us make decisions on what to prioritise for retention after the migration. Due to our careful planning, we have been able to ensure the new PPK website has indexed perfectly and we’re already seeing promising indications in rankings and traffic that the redesign was worthwhile. As our SEO is ongoing with The Paintball Park, we are looking to continue pushing rankings within their local area to maximise conversion opportunities and to continue our detailed competitor research for a well-developed internal link strategy.

Before PPK After PPK


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