Total BGS Energy

Total BGS Energy is an energy procurement company that gets the best energy and telecom deals for companies around the UK. They arrange all related siteworks and offer other financial supports such as card payment mechanisms and more. 

What success looks like

Success for Total BGS meant bringing in organic enquiries to save their sales team from having to cold call and canvass, and increase greater trust in their customer base and brand awareness. See what success looks like so far.

How we did it

Total BGS Energy briefed us on a new website that would showcase their turnkey energy packages and build brand awareness as well as long-term relationships with clients. They wanted a modern-looking and easily navigable site. 

How We Did It copy2

User experience and user interface design

The client wanted to keep the existing brand and colour palette, but for us to develop it with additional colours to represent individual services. We designed individual icons that represented their USPs, and the navigation is straightforward with the content broken into short paragraphs. The finished website is clean and simple-looking – easy to scan and visually appealing. 

Total BGS Development2


For this client, a vital requirement was to provide their internal marketing team with the autonomy to modify the site and be able to introduce their landing pages. Ensuring full client control was essential. Among its innovative features, the website flaunts gradients at the top of pages which were created using six shapes subject to an intense blurring effect – which the client can adjust from the backend of the website. The site also boasts a user-friendly mega menu that is easily navigable to guide customers to the relevant pages they’re looking for.  

Total BGS Before Img Total BGS After Img


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