Aluminium Online


the brief

Aluminium Online came to Sherbet Donkey Media with a basic SEO foundation in place. This might not sound like much, but it can be so helpful for our team who do not have to then spend time implementing this before they can get down to the real nitty gritty and get our customer some real results.

They had previously had some SEO work done by a well-known digital agency; however, they were paying, in our opinion and evidently theirs too, over the odds for their SEO versus ROI and management of their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. We knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that we could do better for less. Aluminium Online were not the first company to come to us from this particular digital agency and, based on the customer feedback that we have received about them (which we concede may be biased), we highly doubt that they will be the last.

what we did...


To start with we did a comprehensive keyword analysis and liaised with the client to ensure that we were targeting terms that their target audience would be searching. We used these keywords for the foundation of a thorough SEO campaign as well as setting up a Pay Per Click campaign. This went hand in hand with backlinking as well.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, while we did see improving results once our SEO team took the work on, it wasn’t as impressive as we would have liked. Queue our SEO team doing some further research and trying to figure out exactly why.

Our team concluded that while the customer’s website content was fine, the platform that the website was on was not ideal for Search Engine Optimisation. Our team, as always, wanted to do better and knew that, in this case, it was entirely feasible if they had the right tools at their disposal.


The customer, at this point, was paying a fair amount for Sherbet Donkey Media to manage and improve their SEO and PPC campaigns. As such, we sat down as a team and discussed the options. With the approval of the Directors, it was decided that we would take the content from the customer’s existing site and put it on our platform, which we knew was SEO friendly. We would essentially be building them a new site in order to see the SEO gains that we know we can achieve.


organic searches


traffic increase


website referals

what happens next...?

SEO on the customer’s current site is ongoing along with the PPC campaign. The client has already suggested that they might like to start scaling back their PPC campaign and increase their SEO budget. Sherbet Donkey Media are currently in the process of building a whole new site, although, this will essentially be a replica of their existing site. We are, also, looking at integrating systems where we can track traffic and spend and how customers have come by the website. If it is predominantly organic traffic, which it will be if not now then in the future, then we will suggest scaling back the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign as this will come to a point where it is not yielding the desired ROI whereas the SEO is. As always, we want our customer to be reassured by demonstratable results though and see an increase in business, which they have already, as a result of our team’s ongoing hard work.


    “Let us do the donkey work”