Concrete Gutter Specialists

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the brief

The Concrete Gutter Specialists came to us looking for an interactive, friendly looking website which helps make Finlock Concrete Gutter Replacement slightly more exciting than it really is- this was a challenge. Along with this they wanted to start their SEO with us- this was what we call a ‘from scratch’ client meaning they were a completely new company needing all branding, website, SEO and print media done together or, at least, in very quick succesion to one another and keeping consistent branding throughout.


Customer journey

Easy navigation to get to all the important things people want to know when doing home renovations.

Education purposes

The website needed to include FAQs, Blogs and other informational aspects. This means it can act as an information centre when people are unsure of the services provided.

Interactive/ visually pleasing

Websites of the concrete gutter genre are normally boring and corporate however, the client wanted to come across friendly and welcoming of all jobs big or small.

what we did...


The website was a nice one to do as the designers has free reign with design. We added in some cool features such as the animated house when you first land, job counter, video presentation and social media feed on the phone.

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The SEO team started work right away, researching what keywords would be best to target so that Sherbet Donkey Media copywriters could work these into the text on the website when writing the content.

The client was pleasantly surprised as not many people know about concrete guttering, it’s somewhat of a niche market and so unless you have this type of guttering system it’s unlikely you’d have ever heard of them. Our team, however, had done their research, found out everything they could and produced outstanding content.




Organic Search





Keyword Research- a report is correlated to pick out the ‘best’ keywords to target based on area, product and services.

Blogs- Blogs used to position your website as a relevant answer to your customers' questions. In this case they have been used to educated on Concrete Guttering creating a reputable ranking on google.

Backlinking- various parts of the site were being optimised along with high scoring backlinking.

After 6 months with Sherbet Donkey Media taking care of their SEO, they now have thirteen keywords ranking in positions one to three, seventeen in positions four to ten and ten in positions eleven to twenty. Thirty out of their forty keywords are now on page one, website traffic has increased dramatically, and business is booming.


google rankings

what happens next...?

SEO on the customer’s current site is ongoing along with the PPC campaign. The client has already suggested that they might like to start scaling back their PPC campaign and increase their SEO budget. Sherbet Donkey Media are currently in the process of building a whole new site for this customer. We are, also, looking at integrating systems where we can track traffic and spend and how customers have come by the website. If it is predominantly organic traffic, which will be, if not now, then in the future, then we will suggest scaling back the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign as this will come to a point where it is not yielding the desired ROI whereas the SEO is. As always, we want our customer to be reassured by demonstratable results though and see an increase in business, which they have already, as a result of our team’s ongoing hard work.


    “Let us do the donkey work”