door data systems

the brief

Door Data Systems are the leading solution in fire door traceability. With their own technologies to integrate into the new and improved website, our development team had external factors to incorporate.

Our end goal was to create a clean, crisp, easy to navigate website accompanied by an about us video and print media to inform and educate.


having the Door Data Systems platform was a major selling point as all the data is in one place for the customers

Sectors and Services-

finding the perfect target audience

Competitor analysis-

looking into the differentiators between the competitors in this niche market

what we did...

the website

We attended a workshop with our client. Once the workshop was over we had time to go away and think about how to incorporate all the elements of this business into one website.

The design team created a clean yet interesting design that catches the eye straight from the landing. It gives all the information needed working as a catalogue for the business as well as somewhere to promote the product.

Showing the app on the website in full moving form also gives an indication of what the platform is like without having to show the customers one at a time.

The Door Data Systems Platform is accessible through the website in the form of a login portal.

visit the website

Play Video

the video

The video wanted was to showcase the objectives and outcomes of the application used alongside the product.

Our team managed to shoot a Door Data Tag being installed on site as well as using stock video and title screen throughout to showcase the Door Data Systems project.

Customer journey-
we have put in easy navigation to help the user get to their required destination quicker

Information pages-
adding in advice and support along with services pages the website acts as an information hub as well giving those at the agency a place to find the support they need

The ethos-
important to show their philosophy throughout the website


    “Let us do the donkey work”