Kingfisher Care

the brief

For this one we started from scratch, always a favourite of ours. Kingfisher Care Services were a blank slate for branding including not having an existing website and barely any social content, we had a free reign.

The team at Kingfisher Care left it in the capable hands of our design team to create a memorable brand and everything that comes with it.

what we did...


After discussing with the Kingfisher Care team, we started designing a logo.

Evoke emotion- overlapping circles and Line drawing included creating a logo that evokes the brands meaning of togetherness

Colour, font, size- kingfisher colouring to keep with the branding name- wanted fun and bright colours

Care in mind- making sure their brand ethos is always at the heart of the brand

The branding was then locked in by the team and moving on to start the website design the team always had this in mind.


First things first the people behind the brand give us their thought and opinions of what they would like their brand to be. Colours, images, competitors, expertise.


We then looked at what separates this Care agency from the rest.

Competitor analysis-

Looking into competitors can help to bring out certain aspects that are needed for everyone in the sector and what they can do differently.

the website

Kingfisher care asked our team to make the website look friendly and fun. They wanted to portray the fact that all services are bespoke to the user and they have interesting technologies that not many others in the industry have access to.

Customer journey-
we have put in easy navigation to help the user get to their required destination quicker

Information pages-
adding in advice and support along with services pages the website acts as an information hub as well giving those at the agency a place to find the support they need

The ethos-
important to show their philosophy throughout the website


    “Let us do the donkey work”