twenty-ten engineering

the brief

Twenty-Ten Engineering specialises in restoring/ renovating classic Range Rovers. We were asked by the team at Twenty-Ten to bring their branding, and website up to speed with their closest competitors.

Being a broad market Twenty-Ten Engineering wanted to capture the passion and expertise that resonates with the customers wanting to create a Ranger Rover bespoke to them.

With new branding, website and photography combined we believed that we had all the resources to create the new and improved Twenty- Ten Engineering.

design brief

First things first, the design brief. We sat down with the team at Twenty-Ten Engineering to bounce ideas and decide what would be the best style for the business.

what we did...


Our design team got straight to it creating a range of logos to present to the customer.

The colour way hadn’t yet been decided even though the customer was leaning towards reds. We created a few different logos in different colours to show the client.

  • Graphic Illustration- our designers started off with a graphic illustration of a Range Rover, partnering it with different elements.
  • Technical Illustration- following on feedback the Twenty-Ten team decided they wanted a more realistic, technical drawing and didn’t our designers deliver.
  • Gradients, colours, fonts- Final touches meant deciding on a colour and the font that would be used within the final logo.

We then moved on to consolidate the branding across all mediums:

  • An illustrative style- drawn elements throughout creating a delicate, classic look
  • Fonts, icons and layouts- to complement the brand across websites, print etc.
  • Photographic Style- deciding the best imagery to use across the branding

the website

Now the branding was locked down the design team managed to design a bespoke website with the new look in mind. We decided to add some interactive elements including a configurator. The website is classic and clean, set out in a way that guides the customer to their end goal, the contact.

They wanted to showcase their projects in a way that both enthusiasts and customers alike could look at with stunning imagery and important information whilst not giving away all their tricks.

Customer Journey-
the navigation of the website was important for the customer as they needed to hit the right information straight away

Stunning Showcases-
Imagery throughout the website showcases their amazingly executed projects

Build your own-
the configurator to come