Two Fat Blokes


the brief

Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium were doing, what could be considered, exponential sales, for their sector, online when they signed up with Sherbet Donkey Media Ltd. They told the team they were already receiving approximately £5,000 per calendar month in orders. Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium decided to join the Sherbet Donkey Media happy clientele because they were not ranking particularly well in search engine search results, and they knew they could be doing better. Queue the Sherbet Donkey Media SEO team springing into action.

what we did...


First, of course, came the all-important keyword analysis performed by our SEO team. The SEO team, also, checked the website site map and ensured that it was formatted, and the correct version of this was then submitted to search engines. The SEO team analysed the customer’s competitors and identified any potential opportunities to rank the keywords, that had been discovered, highly.

The SEO team, also, manually crawled the customer’s website and made sure it was fully optimised by adding META titles as well as descriptions to all pages and products along with optimising HTML tags (that’s headings to anyone who does not know SEO). Regular blog posts were, and are, being created. Targeted pages had additional appropriate wording added, the keywords were used to create additional, focused, landing pages.


keyword research:

bar signs birmingham

hanging bar signs

personalised bar signs

An internal linking structure was created to compliment the site map that would be shortly crawled by search engines. The SEO team have, also, carried out technical audit fixes such as repairing any 404 pages and redirects. All this work by our SEO team has yielded the rewards that the Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium have wanted. They came to us with thirteen words in the top ten search results in November 2021, the Sherbet Donkey Media SEO team have sprung into action and been working on the website and optimising it for just over three months and have achieved thirty out of thirty-seven key words in the top ten search engine results and business is booming for Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium.


ranking increase


organic searches


website referals

what happens next...?

The Sherbet Donkey Media SEO team are just getting warmed up on this client, as previously mentioned they have only been doing the SEO for just over three months. The team are currently analysing backlinks that are already used alongside competitor backlink analysis which will direct the SEO team to any potential backlinking opportunities. The SEO team will, also, investigate other prospects to acquire additional and relevant backlinks. The SEO team will also be continuing to create and publish relevant blogs and find and digitally file citation and directory listings to ensure that the client’s keywords keep moving up and that business continues to grow for Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium. Meanwhile, Two Fat Blokes' competitors are trying to take pops at them so we're obviously doing something to worry them.


    “Let us do the donkey work”