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As a Norfolk SEO company,
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At Sherbet Donkey, we understand your business needs come first, and by investing in SEO, we can help you reach your potential.

By enhancing the search engine optimism of your business, you can advertise your services to a wider audience and reach a broader range of customers, which can lead to more enquiries and clients. So, if you’re looking for SEO in Norfolk, we are here to help!

Our expert team consists of highly experienced and highly skilled SEOs who know how to help you grow your business in ways tailored to your organisation’s specific goals and needs. Here at Sherbet Donkey, we are the best choice agency to help you discover the benefits of successful SEO. Not only do we specialise in SEO, but we also have a fantastic in-house team that can offer design and development services too.

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Our Norfolk SEO services
get results

We know how to get results and we believe no one should be struggling with SEO in Norfolk. With our range of services, we’ll have your rankings rising in no time!

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Actionable SEO audits

An audit to help determine any technical issues that might be affecting your website and holding it back from ranking better, such as finding broken links, slow page speed or even something like a URL structure that is confusing. By simply fixing these issues, your website can be more visible and accessible to search engines.

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Detailed keyword research

Keywords are essentially the phrases people use within search engines to find specific services, products or information. Here at Sherbz, we can conduct detailed keyword research by finding and analysing the words your target demographic puts into search engines, allowing your organisation to target effective keywords through your content strategy.

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Content writing services

Used within marketing, content writing is the method of writing texts to persuade and influence readers to take particular actions, such as enquiring about a service or purchasing a specific product. At Sherbet Donkey, we have a team of fantastic in-house content writers who can tailor their voices to your brand and provide you with top-quality SEO-friendly content that will help boost your SEO visibility.

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Technical SEO and development

If you’re looking for technical SEO in Norfolk, then we can help you develop and optimise your website for search engines with ease. Simple elements like creating an SEO-friendly site structure or making your website mobile-friendly can help push your company’s online performance on search engines like Google and improve your rankings.

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Tailor-made SEO strategies

Unlike other SEO agencies in Norfolk, at Sherbet Donkey we pride ourselves in not providing a one-size-fits-all strategy and focus on creating a tailor-made SEO strategy specifically for your organisation. We know that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and what might work for one, may not work for another. So, rest assured you will always receive a tailor-made service from us here at Sherbz.

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Local SEO services for Norfolk

We know getting SEO right can be difficult, especially if you’re new to it. At Sherbet Donkey we are the most sought-after SEO company in Norfolk, we can provide you with the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to get your SEO back on track.

Want to find out more about how we make it happen?

Our SEO process is
simple for Norfolk businesses

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Step 1: Enquire about an audit

If you’re in the Norfolk area and are struggling with your company’s SEO, then get in touch with us here at Sherbz. We can discuss how we approach our SEO audits and what we can do to get your website ranking!

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Step 2: Meet our team and discuss your goals

Come into our head office and meet our fantastic team who are eager to know your goals. Our amazing team of SEO specialists are here at your disposal and will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals and so much more.

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Step 3: Sign up for your SEO contract

It’s never been easier, simply sign up for your SEO contract after discussing your goals and meeting our team. Once you’re on board we can get the ball rolling and start making your SEO better than it’s ever been, whether that’s some fresh new content or fixing issues across your website.

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Step 4: Start seeing results!

The best part is the results! We’ll be shouting from the rooftops here at Sherbz when you see the results you’ve been longing for and hopefully surprise you with other results you didn’t know your organisation could achieve. Results that are so good, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Why choose Sherbet Donkey
as your SEO agency?

Lizzie and Foz discuss a handover of a website design

Sherbet Donkey can help

At Sherbet Donkey we offer you more than just a standard marketing agency offering SEO services. We also offer website UX makeovers customised to your business and designed to catch the eye. If that’s not enough, here are a few things that make us unique

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Honesty, here at Sherbz we pride ourselves in being honest. At times it may be seen as blunt, but we work in a no-nonsense way giving our clients an authentic experience they should expect from an agency.

Loyalty – We love going above and beyond for our clients and we care about every single one, if we succeed then so will our clients. Constantly striving to grow together!

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If all this information hasn’t already convinced you that we are the best SEO company in Norfolk, then hopefully our latest set of awards can swing you in our direction. Expanding our trophy shelf, this year we’ve added SME of the Year from The Signature Awards 2023, Digital Marketing Agency of The Year from the Media Innovator Awards 2023, we’ve also been named the Top SEO Services Company from our good friends Goodfirms Awards 2023 and looking forward to adding many more to our cabinet!