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Website SEO audits are a comprehensive analysis of various factors that affect a website’s visibility in search engines. Our SEO audits identify a wide range of issues affecting a website’s performance, offering insights to determine the best SEO strategies to resolve any issues and improve the ranking of the website going forward.

Our SEO audits help us improve your website
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At Sherbet Donkey, our expert team of SEO specialists has a combined experience of over 60 years in SEO audit services. They have analysed websites of all sizes and in all industries, implementing tailored strategies to repair any site issues that are detrimental to visibility and improving rankings through high-quality and relevant content which targets the keywords and the audience for those businesses.

With our talented team of expert content writers, we can create bespoke, high-end content that really connects with your target audience and being relevant and informative, will tend to rank high with search engines

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What do our
SEO audit services include?

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SEO audit services

Our professional SEO audits are a comprehensive analysis of your website where we investigate all factors that relate to search engine ranking criteria and highlight any issues that may be causing poor performance of your website.

Keyword research

Keyword research in SEO audits is a critical process involving identifying and analysing the words and phrases potential customers use to search for products, services or information relevant to your website. This research is the foundation for optimising your website for greater visibility when potential customers are seeking the services or products you supply. It is important to identify keywords that are regularly being searched for, relevant to your business and possible for your company to rank for.

Technical SEO audits

Technical SEO audits are detailed examinations of a website’s technical aspects that impact its performance in search engine rankings. This process involves assessing and identifying issues that can hinder a search engine’s ability to crawl and index the content of a website efficiently. The main focus of a technical SEO audit is on a website’s infrastructure and architecture to ensure the website works for the search engine and the web user.

Backlink analysis

Backlink analysis is a process of SEO audits that involves evaluating the external links that direct web users to your website. A high amount of quality backlinks can improve your authority with search engines. The more reputable the websites that link back to your site, the greater the result in a higher authority score for your site, aiding visibility. Quality over quantity is the key here as having multiple backlinks from sites considered low-quality or spammy can have the opposite effect.

Content optimisations

In the past, content was often written with quantity over quality as the main factor, as businesses tried to get more and more on their websites to attempt to rank for anything and everything. These practices are now penalised by search engines as they aim to make the content most relevant and informative for the user’s search. Our SEO audit services will highlight poorly written content and then optimise required pages using our team of professional content writers to target your audience appropriately.

E-Commerce considerations

If your website is used as your online shop, then it needs to work most efficiently for your customers. The journey from discovering your product to checking out needs to be fast, easy and able to be completed on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Our e-commerce SEO audit services will aid optimisation on all your product pages to ensure they rank highly and drive customers to your site, whilst offering a user-friendly and speedy interface that makes purchasing a breeze.

Breakdown of recommendations

Once we have completed an SEO audit on your website, we will have discovered all the factors that are holding your site back from ranking higher on search results and damaging your company’s visibility. With this information in place, we can then design a tailored SEO strategy that will work to improve all aspects of your site, so the right customers can find you. The virtual sphere is a competitive marketplace and achieving success in search engines does not happen overnight, however, signing up with Sherbet Donkey to manage your SEO will give you the best chance to gain ongoing visibility that can take your business to the next level.

Meet our professional
SEO auditing team

Between our SEO executives and content creatives you will find nearly seven decades of combined professional experience of SEO strategies and creative and compelling writing.

Our team comes from an array of backgrounds that have given them the foundations to succeed in the world of digital marketing.

Some have been apprentices, climbing the ladder and learning as they go, others have been SME owners who developed their skills through implementing SEO for their own companies and many have relevant and high-level qualifications, including a First Class BA in Digital Marketing, a BA in Film and Creative Writing, MA in Applied Linguistics, MA in Creative Writing and even an MA in Criminology – ok, not so relevant but incredibly fascinating.

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We implement our findings from
our SEO audits

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Here at Sherbz, we know a successful SEO consultancy service depends on more than just SEO practices, we build long-term partnerships with our clients in order to craft strategies that will last the test of time and take your business into a successful future of continuous growth. We understand getting to know your business inside out, and every aspect of your online presence is the best way to build longevity into your business and your unique personalised SEO strategy.

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Albert Clarke


The team at Sherbet Donkey Media are very friendly and professional. The quality of their work is good, and our monthly organic search traffic is up more than 40% since we started. I would recommend them for SEO for businesses in the West Midlands... More

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Tom Stiles


The guys at Sherbet Donkey have a fantastic work ethic and are a pleasure to work with. My experience started with Loki sending me a video breakdown of our current site and where he and the team could improve things. This made them stand out from the off. He was very frank and that’s what I appreciated. We now have an awesome new site and are excited to reap the rewards in the months to come from their continued SEO expertise. Would highly recommend... More

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Daniel Kinsella


If you’re in doubt, give them a go. We did and we’ve seen organic sales sky rocket. They know what they’re talking about, they’re proactive, professional and they challenge the norms. Moreover, i wouldnt hesitate going for a pint with any of the team who manage our account (which has to be a sign of quality, right?). We’re so happy with the SEO that we’ve moved our web hosting to them also. Their technical team is great and care about how the website fucntions. They don’t grumble at (or charge you for!) small, annoying fixes unlike previous firms we’ve used. So easy to work with... More

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Liam Keighley


I was introduced to Sherbet Donkey as I was looking for help with my SEO and to update my website From start to finish they have been an absolute dream to work with and nothing has been too much trouble for them. They listen to what you like and take feedback on board resulting in a product you love at the end... More

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Anthony Smith


My organisation MAC have been working with Sherbet Donkey for 8 months and I can say with complete confidence our ROI as significantly improved and even surpassed my expectations, since working with these guys at SD we have even reduced our spend with social media platforms. We have had our busiest year ever! A huge thanks to all the staff that’s involved in on helping MAC achieve its goals... More

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Charlie Glynn


We have been using the SEO capabilities with Sherbet Donkey for 12 months now and have been amazed with the results! We went into the whole process with caution due to previous sour experiences. However, from the first meeting with Katie, Loki and the team we knew straight away that results and client experience is at the forefront of everything they do. They are experienced professionals and the results speak for themselves! Our online presence/website and business opportunities have gone from strength to strength and we look forward to continuing our development with Sherbet Donkey’s help for a long time to come! Thankyou for your dedication & fantastic work!!.. More

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Why choose Sherbet Donkey for your
SEO agency?

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We do it all

An SEO audit is a brilliant way to find out what isn’t working with your online presence, but knowing about it and doing something about it are completely different things. At Sherbet Donkey we do it all. We are a turnkey digital marketing agency that takes your business to the next level of online authority with our successful SEO process. But what makes us stand out from the rest?

Customer-centric partnership

We offer a customer-centric partnership where we tailor your SEO strategies to your unique company. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing.

Forefront of technology

Our team stay at the forefront of technology to ensure we can continually tweak and adjust your SEO, keeping you ahead of the game and future-proofing your online visibility.

Powerful results

We have a distinguished track record of powerful results in bringing new customers to our clients and helping their businesses grow and flourish.

We can help you elevate your business today – get in touch!

Have more questions about our
SEO audit services?

  • What is an SEO audit?

    An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website designed to identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). This data can then be used to implement SEO strategies to enhance and progress your business and keep you competitive in the online marketplace.

  • What parts of my website do you need access to in order to perform an SEO audit?

    We don’t need you to supply us with any access as we can perform a surface-level SEO audit just using your URL. So, you don’t have to worry about any geeky types sneaking into your back end and ferreting around.

  • How will a professional SEO audit benefit my business?

    Professional SEO audits can benefit a business in many ways, including improved search engine rankings, enhanced user experience, increased web traffic, better conversion rates, competitive advantage, optimised content and adapting to new
    trends and technological advances.

  • Why shouldn’t I just perform an SEO audit myself?

    Why don’t you just administer stitches to your own wound? You can get your hands on a needle and thread. The reason you don’t is the same for an SEO Audit, though you may have the tools, you lack the expertise to understand how
    to best use those tools. It takes a knowledgeable and skilled surgeon to stitch a wound and an experienced SEO executive to analyse data and implement correct strategies to enhance your online presence.

  • What other website services can Sherbet Donkey offer for my business?

    Sherbet Donkey doesn’t just make your website function optimally, we can also design and build a brand new and bespoke website that will bring your brand up-to-date whilst being structured to rank highly and be extremely visible in your
    industry. Nothing says “past it” more than an outdated website.

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