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At Sherbet Donkey we know SEO consultancy services are crucial for businesses because they help reach a larger audience. A strong SEO strategy, can lead to increased organic website traffic, higher brand visibility and, ultimately, a greater ROI in terms of more conversions and sales.

In today’s digital age, where most consumers begin their search for products or services online, an effective SEO consultancy service ensures a business stands out in a crowded and competitive market. It is a fundamental part of digital marketing, helping businesses to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently.

Although Sherbet Donkey is young as a company, it has nearly seven decades of combined experience in our professional SEO consultancy team, meaning we have all the expertise you’ll need to get the results you want. Faster growth and higher levels of website traffic and conversions.

What will an SEO consultant
do for your business?

An SEO consultancy service will provide expert advice and services to improve a website’s search engine rankings and online visibility – assessing its current standing and devising strategies to enhance its performance to increase traffic and drive sales. SEO consultancy services include:

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SEO audits and analysis

Professional SEO consultants carry out detailed audits and in-depth analyses of a website to gauge its current performance on search engines. This process involves examining various elements like site architecture, keyword utilisation and content quality. They identify issues such as broken links, inadequate keyword targeting poor content organisation or any missing critical SEO elements – offering a clear roadmap for improvements and optimisations needed to enhance search engine visibility and performance.

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Technical SEO Recommendations

A technical SEO consultant will focus on the technical elements of the site, which are crucial for improving a website’s backend performance and usability. They provide recommendations to enhance website loading speed, ensure mobile-friendliness and improve the site’s architecture for better crawlability by search engines. This involves optimising the website’s code, streamlining its structure and ensuring all technical elements like XML sitemaps and robots.txt files are correctly implemented and updated.

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Behaviour Analysis

Our SEO consultant service will analyse how users interact with a website, using tools like Google Analytics to track visitor behaviour, page views, time on site and bounce rates. This analysis helps in understanding which parts of the site engage users the most and which parts may be causing them to leave. By interpreting this data, consultants can make informed decisions on how to enhance the site’s layout, content and overall user experience.

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Bespoke SEO Strategies

All of our professional SEO consultants have anything from a couple of years up to nearly a decade of experience in technical SEO, PPC and SEO analysis and optimisation. This means our SEO superstar consultants are more than capable of using their wizardry to boost your website’s organic traffic and rankings to win sales and help your business grow, and this isn’t just an empty boast, we’re confident because we’ve seen many of our current clients through to increasing and sustained success.

Meet our professional
SEO consultants

All of our professional SEO consultants have anything from a couple of years up to nearly a decade of experience in technical SEO, PPC and SEO analysis and optimisation.

This means our SEO superstar consultants are more than capable of using their wizardry to boost your website’s organic traffic and rankings to win sales and help your business grow, and this isn’t just an empty boast, we’re confident because we’ve seen many of our current clients through to increasing and sustained success.

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We offer more than just SEO consultancy services –
we help businesses to grow

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Here at Sherbz, we know a successful SEO consultancy service depends on more than just SEO practices, we build long-term partnerships with our clients in order to craft strategies that will last the test of time and take your business into a successful future of continuous growth.

We understand getting to know your business inside out, and every aspect of your online presence is the best way to build longevity into your business and your unique personalised SEO strategy.

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Albert Clarke


The team at Sherbet Donkey Media are very friendly and professional. The quality of their work is good, and our monthly organic search traffic is up more than 40% since we started. I would recommend them for SEO for businesses in the West Midlands... More

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Tom Stiles


The guys at Sherbet Donkey have a fantastic work ethic and are a pleasure to work with. My experience started with Loki sending me a video breakdown of our current site and where he and the team could improve things. This made them stand out from the off. He was very frank and that’s what I appreciated. We now have an awesome new site and are excited to reap the rewards in the months to come from their continued SEO expertise. Would highly recommend... More

Posted on Google Image

Daniel Kinsella


If you’re in doubt, give them a go. We did and we’ve seen organic sales sky rocket. They know what they’re talking about, they’re proactive, professional and they challenge the norms. Moreover, i wouldnt hesitate going for a pint with any of the team who manage our account (which has to be a sign of quality, right?). We’re so happy with the SEO that we’ve moved our web hosting to them also. Their technical team is great and care about how the website fucntions. They don’t grumble at (or charge you for!) small, annoying fixes unlike previous firms we’ve used. So easy to work with... More

Posted on Google Image

Liam Keighley


I was introduced to Sherbet Donkey as I was looking for help with my SEO and to update my website From start to finish they have been an absolute dream to work with and nothing has been too much trouble for them. They listen to what you like and take feedback on board resulting in a product you love at the end... More

Posted on Google Image

Anthony Smith


My organisation MAC have been working with Sherbet Donkey for 8 months and I can say with complete confidence our ROI as significantly improved and even surpassed my expectations, since working with these guys at SD we have even reduced our spend with social media platforms. We have had our busiest year ever! A huge thanks to all the staff that’s involved in on helping MAC achieve its goals... More

Posted on Google Image

Charlie Glynn


We have been using the SEO capabilities with Sherbet Donkey for 12 months now and have been amazed with the results! We went into the whole process with caution due to previous sour experiences. However, from the first meeting with Katie, Loki and the team we knew straight away that results and client experience is at the forefront of everything they do. They are experienced professionals and the results speak for themselves! Our online presence/website and business opportunities have gone from strength to strength and we look forward to continuing our development with Sherbet Donkey’s help for a long time to come! Thankyou for your dedication & fantastic work!!.. More

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Why choose Sherbet Donkey for your
SEO Consultancy

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SEO Consultancy

There are a host of reasons why choosing Sherbz for your SEO consultancy services makes so much sense.

Expertise and experience

With an excellent team of professional SEO consultants who between them have a vast array of SEO expertise, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Customised strategies

We have the expertise to craft bespoke SEO strategies which bring success – as our track records have proven.

Proven track record

With a growing list of satisfied clients, our track record speaks for itself – amply displaying our capabilities and reliability.

Comprehensive services

With a solid foundation of expertise in every area of SEO across our team, your business can rest assured we’ll give you a complete, all-around SEO service covering every SEO element.

Up-to-date techniques

At Sherbz we pride ourselves on staying up to date in what is an ever-evolving field. We stay at the front of the latest trends and algorithm updates to ensure our customers get cutting-edge services.

Honest communication

We offer regular and clear communication in reports of the progress and results of our SEO strategies. We don’t make over-inflated promises we can’t deliver to lure clients in but give honest and realistic goals we are confident to deliver.

Customer-centric approach

We base all our SEO consultancy services on our partnerships with clients as we know the focus has to be on your business and helping you overcome your unique challenges and reach your objectives.

Frequently Asked

  • What is an SEO consultant?

    An SEO consultant is a professional who specialises in optimising websites for
    better visibility in search engine results. They analyse various aspects of a
    website, from content to technical setup, and devise strategies to enhance
    search engine rankings. This involves keyword research, on-page and off-page
    optimisation and understanding the latest SEO trends and algorithms. Their
    expertise lies in identifying and addressing issues that hinder a website’s
    performance in search engines, with the ultimate goal of increasing organic
    traffic and improving the online presence of a business.

  • How will professional SEO consultancy help my business grow?

    Professional SEO consultancy can significantly contribute to business growth by
    increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results. This enhanced
    visibility leads to more organic traffic, which can translate into increased
    customer engagement and sales. SEO consultants optimise your website to rank
    higher for relevant search terms, making it easier for potential customers to find
    your products or services. By providing expert analysis, strategic planning and
    ongoing optimisation, an SEO consultant can help you stay ahead of competitors,
    reach a wider audience and establish a stronger online presence, all of which are
    essential for business growth in the digital era.

  • What other services does Sherbet Donkey offer?

    Sherbet Donkey offers a range of services including content creation, pay-per-
    click (PPC) advertising, rebranding, web design and development alongside our
    top-class SEO services. All of these services complement SEO efforts and provide
    a holistic approach to digital marketing, aiming to enhance a business’s overall
    online presence. For more information about how Sherbz could help your
    business, get in touch for a chat with an expert member of our team.

  • Can you provide technical SEO consultancy services?

    Yes, we offer a great range of technical SEO services. These services focus on
    optimising the technical aspects of your website, such as site speed, mobile
    responsiveness and the structure of the site to ensure it is easily crawlable and
    indexable by search engines. Technical SEO is crucial for improving user
    experience and ensuring search engines can effectively understand and rank
    your site.

  • Will you provide an SEO strategy for my business?

    Yes, as an established SEO consultancy firm, we typically develop a customised
    SEO strategy tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals. This strategy
    would encompass various aspects of SEO, including keyword research, content
    optimisation, link-building and continuous monitoring and adjustments based on
    performance analytics. The aim of this strategy is to improve your website’s
    search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately contribute to
    your business’s growth and success. For more information about how the
    professional SEO consultants at Sherbz can create an SEO strategy for your
    business, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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