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All of our websites are custom designed and built, we don’t use templates or themes as they are restrictive, and your brand deserves better, so we do website UX makeovers bespoke to you. We will build your website to project the quality of your business and your products / services and we will do so in a manner that provides a great UX for your website visitors.

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Intelligent planning

All our websites are custom designed to your bespoke requirements. We are guided by you and your customer journey to create the best possible solution to common website problems. Our websites are then built, optimised for all devices, fully responsive and with SEO integration so your website can hit the ground running

The brief

We kick off the project with a brief, this is a meeting between you, our designer, our project manager and someone from our SEO department if you are planning to do SEO upon completion of the site. This will encompass all the stages of work to be completed by us. We will talk through all the most important aspects of your brand and the products and services you want to highlight the most as well as any competitor sites you like


Once we have carried out our brief the design team will get together and start on the wireframing. This incorporates UX strategy ensuring the framing of your website combines accurate user flow with unique design ideas. The whole website will be mapped out and approved by you, the client.


We offer a professional copy writing service. Our specialist team of writers will meet with you to understand the ins and outs of your brand to create and establish a recognised and consistent brand voice. From there, our team will work alongside you to create effective and professional website content that is indicative of your brand’s tone and styling


Your website is then designed to the specification that has been laid out in the stages above. All our website designs are bespoke and undergo several creative stages until they are ready to be presented to you for approval. After the design is signed off, it is then passed over to the development team who start working their magic, bringing your new website to life


Our talented development team take the reins, creating a functional, easy to use and beautiful website for your business. All our websites are built to the highest coding standards and built with mobile layout as a priority. We design websites that are built to convert your visitors into buyers.

SEO framework

All of our websites come with a built in SEO framework meaning they include the relevant SEO basics to give your website that little boost. This includes optimising meta titles, adding heading tags, including meta descriptions as well as making sure image alt tags are relevant and image compression is done.

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Further website services

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Website hosting

At Sherbet Donkey Media we offer multiple hosting packages to suit your unique needs. Our web hosting services support your business by providing ongoing support, enhanced control over your site, exceptional security, and outstanding performance. We use cloud based servers to give maximum speed and performance scores for your site.

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Maintenance and support

We offer multiple levels of support and assistance with our packages. Our expert team are on hand to deliver exceptional tech support and guidance once your site is live. We believe that a happy client is the key to referrals, our support motto is to always ensure that our clients get the best experience.

Frequently asked

  • Why does my business need a new website?

    Your website is essentially your shop window and it is visible to consumers 24/7. Having a slow, visually unappealing, and difficult to use website will only drive consumers from your site and encourage them to use a competitor instead. Having an updated website with a clear, easy navigation and well placed CTA’s will give you the greatest chance to generate more sales / enquiries.. You can read more about how cheap websites can cost your business, here.

  • How much does a new website cost?

    This can vary hugely on your requirements, our standard advertorial websites start at around £10,000 whilst ecommerce website can range from £15,000+ depending on number of products and complexity.

    We advise clients to not look at what a website will cost you, but look more at what having a poor website will lose you.

  • Do I need to provide all the content?

    We have our own content writers that are more than capable of providing excellent website content for your business. However, for more niche industries and businesses, we may need some guidance from you so that we can ensure relevant and correct information.

  • Why can’t I just get a wix website?

    You can, that doesn’t mean you should though. Like anything in life you get what you pay for and if you feel a £500 template website will adequately portray your business and product / service then we are probably not the right agency for you.

Ecommerce Advertorial WordPress Website Hosting Maintenance and Support Fully Responsive Ecommerce Advertorial WordPress Website Hosting Maintenance and Support Fully Responsive Ecommerce Advertorial WordPress Website Hosting Maintenance and Support Fully Responsive

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