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At Sherbz we know creating an effective and efficient E-commerce website is essential for certain businesses because it can help to showcase products or services more successfully. Creating a strong E-commerce website can lead to increased sales, encourage customer loyalty and help businesses thrive in a competitive market.

Nowadays, where most consumers search for products online via their mobile phones, tablets and computers, effective E-commerce website design and development services can ensure your business stands out from your competitors in the market. A successful E-commerce website must provide a user-friendly shopping experience that showcases products well and streamlines the navigation, selection and checkout processes for every user whether phone, tablet or screen.

Our E-commerce website developers have decades of combined experience, which ensures we have all the expertise and knowledge you’ll need to get the ideal E-commerce website you’re looking for.

What can an E-commerce website developer do for you?

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A quality E-commerce website development company, like Sherbet Donkey, can provide you with a high-quality platform to sell your products or services. Investing in a quality E-commerce website will ensure your products and services are showcased in a manner that can drive conversions and sales.


User experience (UX)

UX (User experience) is vital for ensuring online shoppers have a seamless, intuitive and satisfying journey from landing on the website to completing a purchase. An effective user experience design primarily focuses on understanding every element, including user needs and behaviours, as well as any pain points, to make the shopping experience enjoyable, easy to navigate and engaging.

Our E-commerce website developers can offer the skills and knowledge to assist you in creating a platform that will improve your customers’ experiences when engaging with your site.

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Functionality in the development of an E-commerce website is critical to the success of an online store, incorporating all the features and capabilities that enable smooth operation, user convenience and effective sales processes.

By choosing us as your E-commerce website development company, you can rest assured all functionalities throughout the website will be rigorously tested to ensure smooth operation. These can include a user-friendly product catalogue, secure shopping cart and checkout systems, multiple payment gateway integrations and efficient order management capabilities.

As well as any additional advanced features and functionalities that may extend to the back end of the website.

Website Blocks

Responsive design

Responsive design is a fundamental element to having a successful E-commerce website that is easy to navigate and improves the user experience. This design method automatically changes the website’s layout to match the screen size and resolution of the viewing device by utilising flexible layouts, pictures and cascading style sheets (CSS) media queries.

The purpose is to make the site more user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience by removing the need for visitors to constantly resize, pan, or scroll when viewing on various devices. A well-implemented responsive design not only improves the user experience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates, but it also positively impacts search engine rankings, as search engines like Google prioritise user-friendly websites.

Custome design services

Custom design services

Custom design services for E-commerce website development give companies the chance to build a distinctive online store that makes a statement in the crowded online market.

E-commerce website design and development services can allow for greater flexibility in layout, colour schemes, typography and interactive elements, making sure the website not only reflects the essence of the business but also the target audience’s particular tastes and behaviours.

Our specialist team of designers are on hand to help your organisation achieve a design for your E-commerce platform that stands out against your competitors.

Meet our professional
E-commerce web developers

Our expert developers have a collective experience that spans decades in the development of E-commerce websites. This means our specialist developers are ready and able to create the perfect E-commerce platform for your business. This isn’t just an empty boast, we’re assured because we’ve seen our clients go through increasing success, time and time again. 

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We offer more than just E-commerce website development –
we help businesses succeed

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Here at Sherbet Donkey, we understand a successful E-commerce website depends on more than just development services. We know that just having a great E-commerce website isn’t the only thing you need to reach the heady heights of success.

We prefer to build long-term partnerships with all our clients so we can create SEO strategies that are truly tailored to each business and can withstand the test of time. We know getting to know your business inside out is crucial and that understanding your online presence is the best way to ensure the long life of your organisation and your E-commerce website.

When you choose one of our SEO packages we become as invested in your company’s success as you do – we truly aim to become the marketing branch of your operation.

Don’t just take
Don’t just take our word for it…

Our awards roundel

Albert Clarke


The team at Sherbet Donkey Media are very friendly and professional. The quality of their work is good, and our monthly organic search traffic is up more than 40% since we started. I would recommend them for SEO for businesses in the West Midlands... More

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goodfirms web dev

Tom Stiles


The guys at Sherbet Donkey have a fantastic work ethic and are a pleasure to work with. My experience started with Loki sending me a video breakdown of our current site and where he and the team could improve things. This made them stand out from the off. He was very frank and that’s what I appreciated. We now have an awesome new site and are excited to reap the rewards in the months to come from their continued SEO expertise. Would highly recommend... More

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good firms seo agencies

Daniel Kinsella


If you’re in doubt, give them a go. We did and we’ve seen organic sales sky rocket. They know what they’re talking about, they’re proactive, professional and they challenge the norms. Moreover, i wouldnt hesitate going for a pint with any of the team who manage our account (which has to be a sign of quality, right?). We’re so happy with the SEO that we’ve moved our web hosting to them also. Their technical team is great and care about how the website fucntions. They don’t grumble at (or charge you for!) small, annoying fixes unlike previous firms we’ve used. So easy to work with... More

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media innovator

Liam Keighley


I was introduced to Sherbet Donkey as I was looking for help with my SEO and to update my website From start to finish they have been an absolute dream to work with and nothing has been too much trouble for them. They listen to what you like and take feedback on board resulting in a product you love at the end... More

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Anthony Smith


My organisation MAC have been working with Sherbet Donkey for 8 months and I can say with complete confidence our ROI as significantly improved and even surpassed my expectations, since working with these guys at SD we have even reduced our spend with social media platforms. We have had our busiest year ever! A huge thanks to all the staff that’s involved in on helping MAC achieve its goals... More

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Charlie Glynn


We have been using the SEO capabilities with Sherbet Donkey for 12 months now and have been amazed with the results! We went into the whole process with caution due to previous sour experiences. However, from the first meeting with Katie, Loki and the team we knew straight away that results and client experience is at the forefront of everything they do. They are experienced professionals and the results speak for themselves! Our online presence/website and business opportunities have gone from strength to strength and we look forward to continuing our development with Sherbet Donkey’s help for a long time to come! Thankyou for your dedication & fantastic work!!.. More

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Why opt for Sherbet Donkey as
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Deciding on Sherbet Donkey as your print design agency won’t disappoint.

Knowledge and experience

Here at Sherbet Donkey, our team of web developers share a collective of experience and knowledge that is sure to set you apart from your competitors, with us you know you’re going to succeed.

Tailored approaches

We understand the importance of creating bespoke websites which bring companies success – as our satisfied clients can testify.

Proven results

Our client reviews are all the evidence we need to showcase our high customer satisfaction levels. We know exactly how to achieve the very best results for our clients through our skills and knowledge.

Extensive services

Here at Sherbz we offer a vast range of marketing services beyond development. We can build you the perfect website whilst also offering the highest quality SEO strategies, hosting and maintenance services, brilliant content writing and more, so why look any further than us?

Up-to-date methods

t’s not always easy staying up to date with the latest trends, however, here at Sherbet Donkey we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest processes, trends and algorithms – which means you will be too, so you don’t need to worry.

Clear communication

We only ever make realistic promises we know we can deliver. We aren’t like other agencies, offering out-of-reach goals and not attempting to deliver them. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process, we’ve got your back so you can be confident we will deliver.


Here at Sherbet Donkey, we pride ourselves on getting to know your business as well as you do. We are your marketing team, so your goals are our goals, and we will base all our processes and strategies around your focus because when you succeed, we succeed.

Frequently asked

  • Why does my business need a new website?

    Your website is essentially your shop window and it is visible to consumers 24/7. Having a slow, visually unappealing, and difficult to use website will only drive consumers from your site and encourage them to use a competitor instead. Having an updated website with a clear, easy navigation and well placed CTA’s will give you the greatest chance to generate more sales / enquiries.. You can read more about how cheap websites can cost your business, here.

  • How much does a new website cost?

    This can vary hugely on your requirements, our standard advertorial websites start at around £10,000 whilst ecommerce website can range from £15,000+ depending on number of products and complexity.

    We advise clients to not look at what a website will cost you, but look more at what having a poor website will lose you.

  • Do I need to provide all the content?

    We have our own content writers that are more than capable of providing excellent website content for your business. However, for more niche industries and businesses, we may need some guidance from you so that we can ensure relevant and correct information.

  • Why can’t I just get a wix website?

    You can, that doesn’t mean you should though. Like anything in life you get what you pay for and if you feel a £500 template website will adequately portray your business and product / service then we are probably not the right agency for you.

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