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What are
hosting and maintenance packages?

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Hosting and maintenance packages for businesses are crucial services offered by digital agencies or IT service providers. A hosting service involves providing space on a server for the business’s website, ensuring it’s accessible on the internet, and means managing the server and having sufficient data storage, bandwidth, security and uptime. Maintenance will cover regular updates to the website, including security patches, bug fixes and performance enhancements and will ensure the website runs smoothly, is secure from cyber threats and remains compatible with ever-evolving web standards and technologies.

Getting a hosting and maintenance package for your website offers your company the technical skills and services they might not have in-house. If you don’t have an IT expert in your company or want to pay someone to perform this role in-house, you can outsource it to Sherbz where our tech whizz-kids can keep your website compliant with regulations, compatible with the latest web technologies, protected with robust security measures from cyber threats and simply working for you and your customers, leaving you free to get on with your core business activities without the stress of technical aspects.

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A website hosting service allows individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible on the internet. There are different types of hosting services which include shared hosting – with multiple websites sharing the same server, dedicated hosting – a single server dedicated to one website, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and cloud hosting.

Hosting providers offer different levels of bandwidth which affects how quickly your website can load and how much data can be transferred. They also provide good security measures and customer support with technical assistance. Our cloud hosting service at Sherbet Donkey means you will have a 30% faster PHP, which means your site will perform better and load quicker. The different levels of hosting packages we offer give access to varying sizes of website space, RAM and Core CPUs.

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Website maintenance is the ongoing process of keeping a website up-to-date and functioning optimally. It encompasses a range of activities, including fixing bugs, monitoring website performance and ensuring the website’s security. Regular updates are crucial to maintain compatibility with the latest web standards. Security patches are applied to protect against cyber threats.

Performance monitoring helps in identifying and addressing issues like slow loading times or broken links, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, website maintenance includes backing up data to prevent loss in case of hardware failure or security breaches. At Sherbz we offer maintenance as a joint package with hosting, but at different levels of support and with varying levels of benefit dependent on the package selected. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your company’s hosting and maintenance requirements.

Our hosting and maintenance

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Depending on which hosting or hosting and maintenance package you choose for your website our process has very similar steps to put into action. Our procedure is a four or five-step process:



The first step is usually to migrate your website to our servers. We use cloud servers hosted by Google, which is blazingly fast, compared to shared hosting. We can upscale the resources of the server automatically, meaning we can react to abnormal extra loads in real time, giving a 99.8% uptime rate.



We make tests of your site, checking for vulnerabilities, and ensuring the site works with the most suitable, and latest, PHP version – all of which are done privately to mean that no one else sees any of this step – and to ensure the website is working properly before the next step is taken.


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As a successful SEO agency in the Midlands, with years of combined experience and the results to boot, we’re confident that we can help businesses of any shape and size succeed in their sector. We’re knowledgeable in SEO best practices, and stay updated on Google algorithm updates that impact SEO, so you can ensure that we’re at the top of our game.



Your site is now live on our server and able to benefit from our advanced caching, daily backups and Core WordPress updates, regardless of the package you select, with a minimum of 5GB RAM and 5GB website space for our most basic bundle.



When a maintenance and hosting package has been selected, you will benefit from quarterly tests and plug-in vulnerability updates, and our higher-rated packages also include proactive anti-virus site scanning.


Unique server space

Every client benefitting from our hosting packages will have a dedicated share of server resources allocated to you virtually – with no other sites sharing your server space, giving a more predictable performance, which is ideal for larger, resource-heavy websites. If you opt for the Expert option, you will have a unique server.

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Our hosting and maintenance services assure you of
website availability and performance

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hosting and maintenance

The biggest benefit of having a reliable hosting and maintenance service is the assurance of website availability and performance. This reliability is crucial for maintaining a professional online presence and ensuring a positive user experience.

Our service minimises downtime, meaning the website is consistently accessible to users and potential customers. It also ensures the website operates smoothly, loads quickly and is free from technical glitches, which are essential for user engagement and retention.

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Peace of mind

Moreover, Sherbz’s service provides peace of mind, as businesses can trust their website is secure, backed up and up-to-date without needing to invest their own time and resources into technical upkeep.

This allows businesses to focus more on their core activities and growth strategies, knowing their online presence is in the capable hands of our tech wizards. In the digital age, where a website often serves as the first point of contact with customers, the reliability of hosting and maintenance services becomes a cornerstone of a business’s online strategy.

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Our amazing
development team

With over five decades of combined experience in coding, web design and development our awesome techy team have an impressive array of skills.

Experts in optimising sites, migration, plug-ins, API integration, cyber security, hardware and infrastructure, technical fixing and building website features as well as offering comprehensive web support to our clients, we’re sure we’ve got the skills to support all our clients.

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Why choose Sherbet Donkey
hosting and maintenance services?

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Amazing abilities

There are several compelling reasons to choose Sherbz for your hosting and maintenance services, not least the amazing abilities of our techy development team.

Expertise in cutting-edge technology

Sherbet Donkey Media prides itself on utilising the latest advancements in hosting technology. This commitment to cutting-edge solutions ensures not only faster and more reliable website performance but also compatibility with the latest web standards, providing a seamless experience for both the website owners and their visitors.

Robust security measures

In an era where online security is paramount, Sherbet Donkey Media provides comprehensive security protocols. This includes regular security updates, proactive threat monitoring and advanced measures to safeguard websites against cyber threats, ensuring data integrity and customer trust safeguarding clients’ reputations.

Exceptional uptime records

They understand the importance of website availability, which is why they guarantee high uptime. This commitment minimises the risk of website downtime, ensuring businesses remain accessible to their customers at all times, which is critical for maintaining a professional online presence.

Regular maintenance and updates

They proactively host and maintain websites, including performing regular updates to software and plugins. This ongoing maintenance keeps websites running smoothly, prevents potential issues and ensures the sites stay up-to-date with the latest web technologies and trends.

Performance optimisation

Sherbet Donkey Media continuously monitors and optimises website performance. This includes enhancing loading speeds and ensuring optimal operation, which are crucial factors in providing a superior user experience and improving search engine rankings.

Backup and disaster recovery

Understanding the importance of data security, they implement regular backup procedures and robust disaster recovery plans. This approach provides an essential safety net, protecting against data loss and ensuring quick restoration of services in the event of hardware failures or other disruptions.

Frequently Asked

  • What is involved in a website maintenance package?

    A website maintenance package from Sherbz typically involves regular updates to WordPress, plugins and themes to ensure compatibility and security. Regular backups are conducted to safeguard website files. The maintenance package also covers performance monitoring to minimise the chances of the website going down. Additionally, it involves fixing any bugs or issues that arise and, sometimes, updating small bits of website content as per client needs, whichis especially helpful when combined with our SEO packages. This ongoing maintenance helps in keeping the website functional, secure and up-to-date, reflecting well on the business’s online presence.

  • What’s involved in a website hosting package?

    A website hosting package with Sherbet Donkey provides the necessary
    infrastructure and services to make a website accessible on the internet. This
    includes server space to store website files, bandwidth to manage traffic and
    tools for website management. Hosting packages often come with a free .co.uk
    domain name registration and technical support. They vary in terms of storage
    capacity, data transfer limits and server performance, catering to different needs
    from small personal blogs to large business websites. Additionally, our hosting
    services include security measures like SSL certificates and firewalls to protect
    the website from cyber threats.

  • What’s the difference between hosting and maintenance?

    Hosting and maintenance serve different but complementary roles in website
    management. Hosting refers to the service that stores your website on a server,
    making it accessible online. It includes providing server space, ensuring uptime
    and managing the infrastructure required for the website’s online presence. In
    contrast, maintenance involves the ongoing care of the website once it’s online.
    This includes updating content, software and security features, troubleshooting
    issues and optimising the site’s performance. While hosting ensures your website
    is accessible, maintenance ensures it remains functional, secure and up-to-date
    and, as both are essential, most of our clients opt for a joint package to take care
    of both elements – providing total peace of mind that your site is in the best

  • How much does it cost to get a hosting and maintenance package?

    The cost of hosting and maintenance packages varies widely depending on the
    service provider and the specific needs of the website. Basic hosting can start
    from £50 per month, while our joint hosting and maintenance packages also
    vary, typically depending on the level of service required. Prices range from £99
    per month to our Expert package at £249 per month with the business having its
    own dedicated server. For our quick compare pricing see our list and remember
    that businesses need to assess their needs and budget to choose a package that
    offers the best value. Get in touch with one of our team to discuss your hosting
    and maintenance needs to discover the ideal package for your business.

  • What is included in a website maintenance package?

    A website maintenance package generally includes regular updates to software
    and security patches to protect against vulnerabilities. It covers the management
    of content updates, ensuring the website remains fresh and relevant. [{{type}} Annotation]
    Performance monitoring and optimisation are key components, aiming to
    enhance site speed and user experience. Regular backups to prevent data loss
    and quick restoration capabilities in case of any issues are also integral. These
    packages are designed to keep a website running smoothly, securely and
    efficiently. For greater detail on what each of our hosting and maintenance
    packages includes, see our brochure or get in touch with a member of our
    friendly team.

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