Sherbet Donkey Has Reason after Reason to Celebrate

It’s been a busy few months for Sherbet Donkey.

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It’s been a busy few months for Sherbet Donkey

UK Agency Awards 315x315 1

We were honoured to be shortlisted for the UK Agency Awards- Best New Agency with just four other digital marketing agencies. Unfortunately, due to the time and location of the awards, we weren’t able to make it down to the award ceremony and so we were only able to purchase a virtual ticket rather than an entire table, where we could have gotten glammed up and engaged face to face. We didn’t win this award; however, we were honoured to be a finalist and we weren’t going to let this deter us nor slow us down.

The Manifest Awards

We were then nominated and won Manifest Awards for Digital Marketing- Birmingham, PPC- Birmingham, and SEO- Birmingham. A completely impartial award like this has meant the world to our hardworking team and it seemed like almost every aspect of our growing digital marketing award was recognised and celebrated.

The GoodFirm Awards

Following our wins from the Manifest Awards, it wasn’t long until we won Good Firm awards which are based on a very similar premise to The Manifest Awards. We were awarded these based solely on customer feedback which made us all swell with pride. We’ve always gone above and beyond for each of our clients, however, to have it recognised is an amazing feeling.

Digital Innovator Award

Oct22521 Sherbet Donkey Media Logo 2048x739 1

This one has probably meant the most to us so far; as we are now being recognised by peers as well. The previous awards demonstrated that our customers think we’re great, however, we’re proactive in getting feedback and already had an inclination that this would have been the case, that’s not us being big headed. We encourage clients to be as honest as possible.

This award shows that, in line with our ethos, we’re starting to make waves within the digital marketing industry. We know there are agencies out there who don’t like us, however, we got this award for Digital Marketing Agency- West Midlands from the Corporate Vision, Media Innovator Awards as they recognised that the work that we’ve been putting in for each one of our clients goes above and beyond.

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The Future for Sherbet Donkey

Sherbet Donkey has grown from 4 employees to in excess of 35, in 17 months, and is still recruiting. As mentioned, we’re starting to disrupt the digital marketing industry, we’re doing this by taking a polar opposite approach to dealing with customers than most other agencies. Other agencies often over promise and underdeliver, from the outset we have managed clients’ expectations and then looked to over deliverer wherever possible.

We will continue to work hard for each and every single one of our clients, being honest and frank with them from the outset. Our team keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to every aspect of digital marketing as this is an ever-evolving industry. As previously mentioned, we are still recruiting, we’re still growing but we’ve achieved what most other agencies have taken years to achieve, in less than two years.

We have expanded from local clients to nationwide clients and have international clients in the pipeline. We have big plans for the future.

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