Chief Lunch Inspector

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Hello there, my name is Baxter and I’m the doggo with the most ‘life experience’ in the office, which is why I often get tired of the shenanigans of the youngsters.

I’m 11 years old and mainly Cocker Spaniel, although I could have a little bit of poodle in me which shows in my curly fur and my rising trot that any dressage pony would be jealous of. As a rescue pup, we may never know!

I am OBSESSED with food, which is what makes me the perfect Chief Lunch Inspector at Sherbz. I am always on hand to check out the food and my favourite is always whatever the person closest to me is eating.

I hate the bath and always cry throughout the ordeal, but I’m not averse to sitting in a muddy puddle – call it the idiosyncrasy of age! I’m happiest sitting in a warm lap or on a keyboard – especially if the human using it is trying to work – I may have been a cat in a previous life. I also love music and will join in with the pub’s jukebox or anyone reaching a high note, but I’m most happy napping in my mum’s lap.

Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food, Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food, Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food,

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