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Hello, my name is Boz – short for Boris – and I’m a two-year-old Bulldog with a very determined personality. I love food generally, especially doggy treats, but have an extra special soft spot for sausages and cheesy biscuits.

I don’t like it if people won’t share their food with me, which is why I get my own back by farting under Loki’s desk if he doesn’t share his lunch – and Loki says my farts could be considered nuclear warfare! I sleep on my back in the middle of mum and dad’s bed and mum says I snore like a human but give the best night time cuddles.

I am very theatrical as I can pretend to cry if I’m not getting my own way, although Hollywood still hasn’t called me! I don’t have a favourite toy because I love playing with cardboard boxes and chewing them to bits. My day-to-day role is to ensure that everyone in the office is happy and keep the other dogs in their places.

Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food, Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food, Zoomies, Walks, Sniffs, Treats, Toys, Food,

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