Head of Client Relations

Meet the team

My role at Sherbet Donkey is as a Commercial Partnerships Manager and my normal day involves touching base with my existing clients to ensure their ongoing satisfaction with their marketing.

I’m always planning ahead for new prospective clients, taking care to fully understand the needs of each individual business and the market that it operates within.

I got into marketing through a career involving sales and business consultancy and am a casual coffee connoisseur, usually being the person called on to fix the coffee machine at work if it stops working.

Latte art is my party trick and I have an acute addiction to doughnuts as well as being famous for ‘dad jokes’.

A fun fact about me is that I was once hypnotised by Derren Brown in Birmingham, and he had me handling spiders (which I don’t love that much) and pretending to operate on myself – I woke up covered in fake blood!

Doughnuts, Gym, Dumbbells, Coffee, Doughnuts, Gym, Dumbbells, Coffee, Doughnuts, Gym, Dumbbells, Coffee,