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I’ve recently joined Sherbet Donkey as a Full Stack Developer and my day-to-day role includes maintaining and creating WordPress themes and plugins for the websites we’re developing and working with as a company.

Before beginning my role at Sherbz, I’d been working on WordPress themes and plugins for the last five years since finishing my qualifications at Heart of Worcester College, and an apprenticeship. I am about to start my final year of a Cyber Security degree which I’ve been doing with the Open University.

Outside of work, my hobbies include working out in the gym, playing video games and breaking electronics – but only to try and fix them!

Earlier in the year I travelled solo to Japan where one of the best things is that the public transport is always on time, fast and cheap.

While in Japan, I went to a football match in Tokyo where you can buy tickets from convenience stores, and when you get to the stadium you can choose where you sit – so different to the UK!

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