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I am a Senior Back-End Developer for Sherbet Donkey and my role and responsibilities within the agency include creating new websites for clients, website back-end problem solving, API integration and website support work.

As for my professional journey, I initially set sail with aspirations of becoming an app developer, however, fate led me to embark on a different path when I secured my first job at a marketing agency.

Determined to make the most of this opportunity I delved into learning various technologies related to marketing and have been working at Sherbz for nearly three years in the Development team.

I am a proud father of a lovely daughter and I have a passion for lifelong learning. I love to hike in my free time, and I also have a great fondness for animals – especially parrots and cats – I have cats called Billy and Billay.

PHP, Animal lover, Hiking, API, Super Dad, PHP, Animal lover, Hiking, API, Super Dad, PHP, Animal lover, Hiking, API, Super Dad,

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