SEO Specialist

Meet the team

My role as SEO Executive here at Sherbet Donkey involves conducting competitor analysis for my clients, reviewing keywords and re-optimising web pages, as well as creating content briefs for our content team to write.

I also conduct site and back-link audits as well as internal linking reviews, all of which are aimed at trying to help my client’s businesses improve their internet presence and rankings.

Having originally passed an Engineering apprenticeship, I was struggling to find a job when I stumbled across a digital marketing video and became fascinated by SEO.

I joined Sherbz just over two years ago as a junior apprentice and am now an Executive – I’m fascinated to learn about new businesses and the influence we can have on Google.

I’m a huge movie and series nerd and have read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings many times. I love every type of music and have a dog called Romeo.

I’m passionate about all animals and one day want to own a savannah full of endangered species.

Drake, Luke, Kanye, Drake, Luke, Kanye, Drake, Luke, Kanye,