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I’m the latest member of the design squad and am thrilled to be at Sherbet Donkey supporting Kate and the rest of the team with problem solving, interpreting client’s design briefs and helping to turn them into reality.

Having known that I wanted to be a graphic designer since I was in primary school, I worked my way through to a first-class degree from Derby University before taking a graduate role for a POS agency and then an in-house position for a medical diagnostics group before Covid.

The health and wellness industry is where I spent most of my career before joining Sherbz, so I’m excited to have a change of pace and scope.  

Originally from Derby, I recently moved to Rowley where I live with my boyfriend, dog and cats. Outside of work I love going to concerts and festivals as I have a very varied musical taste and spend way too much time gaming – World of Warcraft or Hogwarts Legacy, although I’m also always up for a good Netflix series.

My goal this year is to cook or bake a new recipe every week, so we’ll see how that goes! In terms of plans for the future, I love to travel and want to visit 30 countries before I’m 30 if I can.

I have lots of family around the world, which makes it easier and so far, the best trip has been to the east coast of Australia. I’d love to live within walking distance of the sea, but probably abroad as I’m not one for the cold, rainy weather in the UK.  

Travel, Snacks, Gaming, Rock Music, Travel, Snacks, Gaming, Rock Music, Travel, Snacks, Gaming, Rock Music,

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