SEO Specialist

Meet the team

As an SEO Specialist at Sherbert Donkey, and with responsibility for several clients, you could say that I’m the bridge between clients, content writers and developers.

My day-to-day role includes a range of tasks from creating briefs for writers and conducting keyword searches and audits. I’m ultimately trying to create the best possible outcome for my clients, to ensure that their websites are up to date, ranking well and creating leads and sales.

I love the job because you can see the impact of your actions on clients and the fact that the job can be technical as well as creative. I began a career in marketing because I couldn’t get a teaching job, but I have no regrets as I love SEO.

I am a proud dog and plant mum, and baking cakes is my favourite hobby. A fun fact about me is that I once got to stay in a four-star hotel in Paris for a super low price thanks to a website glitch.

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