Junior Therapist

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My name is Walter and I’m a Golden Retriever with a very happy disposition. I’m still a puppy really, although I’ve reached the long-legged, gangly adolescent stage and I like to make my presence felt by barking a lot.

My favourite snacks are Bonio biscuits, although I’ll take any I’m offered, and I love being fussed and playing with other dogs.

Some of my best activities are swimming, sleeping on my back with all my legs in the air and cuddling with my mum and dad.

I really dislike swans, being told to shush and Loki. I was an enthusiastic helper to Santa at the Christmas party, and I love posing in the many different outfits that my dad and mum buy for me – my distinctive cone head is loved by all and my cuddles are the best therapy, which is part of my day-to-day job in the office.

Dad, Mom, Toys, Sleep, Treats, Dad, Mom, Toys, Sleep, Treats, Dad, Mom, Toys, Sleep, Treats,

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