The Future of Marketing: How automation enhances efficiency

The world of marketing is forever evolving and so is the demand for efficient and effective marketing strategies.

One of the most revolutionary tools to impact marketing is automation and it has begun to transform the effectiveness of marketing. It is allowing marketers to reach larger audiences, create more personalised campaigns and significantly drive the growth of the business. 

What is marketing automation

In essence, marketing automation tools are pieces of software and technology that let you automate and streamline many marketing-related operations. Things like emails, marketing campaigns, social media posts and other daily tasks can all be automated through the use of these tools. This technology can help with large-scale management, which can have a brilliant impact in circumstances where the tasks are intimidating without the help of automation. 

What can automation help with?

Social media

Social media is an area of marketing that can see the benefit of automation. With posts being scheduled in advance and engagement being monitored accurately. By automating social media, businesses can save significant time and resources, whilst still maintaining an active social media presence. 

Ad campaigns

Automating ad campaigns can help businesses to optimise their ad reach and spend more effectively. Through automation, businesses can set up rules that can automatically adjust any ad campaigns on specific actions taken by the customer. Automation can help with retargeting campaigns and display ads, for example, if a customer leaves their basket, the tool can trigger a retargeting campaign to bring them back. 

Email marketing

Another area that can hugely benefit from automation is email marketing. Automating emails such as welcome emails, abandoned basket emails and even promotional emails can streamline your marketing strategy. Businesses can create personalised content and send it to their customers at the right time without having to manually do so. 

How marketing automation tools can improve customer experience

Marketing automation technologies can improve customer experience in several ways. These tools can create personalised content, allowing the contact of customers with specific messages. Their data can be analysed, such as browsing behaviour and purchase history, which can create specifically aimed messages to be sent for a better consumer experience.

Investing in automation tools for your marketing strategies can help with creating relevant and timely communications. Targeting customers at specific times, such as birthday promotions and providing certain messages at the right time can encourage them to jump back into the shopping experience. 

The response time of automation software can help your business support customers more quickly and efficiently. The ability to respond to inquiries and support requests promptly through something like a chatbot can provide immediate assistance outside of business hours, increasing satisfaction and user experience.

Consistency is key – automation can ensure that your branding is consistent across all channels and touchpoints. Ensuring a high level of uniformity across all your channels can enhance the customer experience as it is more cohesive, from website to social media, you can rest assured that all of your clients receive the same brand message. 

Marketing automation tools available on the market

Adobe Marketo Engage

Possibly one of the most well-known marketing automation tools on the market. One of the most mature automation tools, Adobe Marketo Engage has dozens of integrations, from CRM, social media, paid ads and so much more to help businesses optimise their marketing efforts. 


Hubspot is an all-rounder tool that does a little bit of everything. Offering a variety of tools, this software offers workflows, email triggers and chatbots to help companies streamline their lead management with a personalised experience. 


The name Mailchimp is typically just associated with email marketing, however, Mailchimp has a comprehensive marketing automation tool with a variety of customised purchase paths to help optimise interactions. This software also has over 300 integrations available, so you can completely streamline your marketing efforts. 


Klaviyo focuses on email marketing and SMS marketing, however, it is capable of automating other marketing elements. It is an automation platform offering over 300 different integrations, with a strong likelihood that it will sync with any other marketing or sales tools your business may have. 

The future of marketing with automation

When it comes to the future of marketing, automation tools are helping to streamline marketing efforts and change the face of marketing as we know it. If you’re searching for efficient and effective marketing without the hassle, automation technologies are the way forward. Deciding which tool is right for your business will depend on your current capabilities and needs. Are your current tools running smoothly? Which tool will fit in seamlessly with your current software? Considering automation tools to enhance and streamline your marketing efforts is essential to guarantee success in the coming years.

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