The Role of AI in Web Development

As AI continues to rapidly grow its significance in the technology sector, its integration into web development has been nothing short of revolutionary. Beyond the mainstream applications in our daily lives, AI in development is carving its own niche, catering to specific challenges and bringing about solutions that were once deemed unthinkable.

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first coined in 1956 and spent much of the intervening years as little more than a theory and field of research. But for the last few years, AI has been making a very real impact on our everyday lives, with 2023 in particular acting as a flashpoint for much wider awareness and use of AI tools by large numbers of the population. Without a doubt, AI is a transformative force that has touched and will continue to spread to a myriad of industries, with web development standing out as a particularly impacted sector.  

The journey of AI, from its inception to its integration into the developer’s toolkit, has been marked by its innate ability to automate repetitive tasks, offer sophisticated insights and, in more advanced scenarios, even craft code. Developers across the world have been quick to recognise and embrace this potential. Particularly notable are AI-driven tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT. These aren’t just fancy additions to a coder’s arsenal, they’re game changers that are actively helping design a new era in web development.  

Through these innovations, we’re seeing an evolution in coding, characterised by heightened productivity and a more streamlined approach to problem-solving. The marriage of AI and Development is a testament to how adaptable and forward-thinking web creation has become

An Introduction to AI in Development 

Let’s delve deeper into some key areas where AI is making waves in the web development scene. 

ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot 

GitHub Copilot, empowered by OpenAI’s Codex model, and ChatGPT (also from OpenAI) stand at the forefront of this AI revolution in development. GitHub Copilot acts like a seasoned coding partner, offering code snippets, auto-completions and sometimes even entire function suggestions. ChatGPT, with its specialised plugins, opens the door for dynamic chatbot creations, bridging the gap between users and web platforms with interactive and highly personalised engagements. 

ChatGPT Plugins for Chatbots 

Harnessing the evolving power of AI, ChatGPT plugins have simplified the intricate process of chatbot development. Gone are the days when creating a chatbot was a time and resource sink. Today, thanks to AI-driven plugins, chatbots not only respond but also evolve, adapting to user patterns, providing more personalised and interactive experiences, and setting websites apart in the crowded digital space. 

Quick Identification of Problematic Code 

One of the silent heroes in AI-driven development is its ability to swiftly spot and highlight problematic code. Instead of endless debugging, developers can now rely on AI to point out potential problems in their code, saving time and allowing a greater focus of resources on innovating and enhancing other parts of a project. 

Deciphering Legacy Code: 

Inheriting code from previous developers has always been a daunting task, often likened to deciphering an ancient script. But with AI tools, this often-difficult task gets much more straightforward. AI assists in breaking down the logic, highlighting dependencies and pointing out potential glitches, ensuring that the transition for new developers is less about decoding and more about innovating. 

Pros and Cons of Using AI in Web Development 

As exciting as the recent major advances in AI are, its integration comes with its unique set of advantages and challenges worth exploring. 


  • Efficiency: Artificial intelligence accelerates the coding process by identifying errors quickly and suggesting corrections. 
  • Productivity: With routine tasks automated, developers can focus on more complex, creative aspects of web development. 
  • Learning: AI can provide insights and solutions that might not be obvious, aiding in the long-term education of developers. 
  • Customisation: AI can deeply analyse user behaviour, allowing developers to create more tailored user experiences. 
  • Collaboration: AI tools, like GitHub Copilot, can act as a second set of eyes, offering a collaborative coding experience. 


  • Over-Reliance: There’s a risk of developers becoming over-reliant on AI, which might hinder their problem-solving skills in the long run. 
  • Quality Control: The code generated by AI might lack the nuances and considerations a human developer would have, potentially leading to bugs or vulnerabilities. 
  • Outdated or Vulnerable Code: AI might suggest outdated or vulnerable code, as it operates based on the data it was trained on. 
  • Resource Intensiveness: Advanced AI tools might require significant computational power, which not every developer or agency will have access to. 
  • Lack of Intuition: While AI can offer logical solutions, it might not always capture the intuitive decisions that seasoned developers might make. 

AI undoubtedly offers transformative solutions in web development, but developers need to strike a balance, ensuring AI complements human intuition and creativity, rather than replacing it. 

Moral and Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Development 

As the integration of AI tools such as GitHub Copilot becomes more commonplace in development, certain ethical dilemmas begin to surface. One significant concern is the blurring of lines between originality and potential inadvertent plagiarism. Copilot’s ability to suggest code snippets can, on occasion, yield results that closely mirror existing code from public repositories.  

This brings forth pertinent questions: Are we inadvertently compromising the sanctity of original coding through AI-assisted means? How can AI tools be calibrated to ensure they align with the principles of copyright and originality within the developer community? The onus is on both the AI community and developers to address these issues and ensure the responsible use of such groundbreaking tools. 

Embracing the Future 

With its vast potential, AI is undeniably a game-changer in web development. However, wielding it with a discerning eye is crucial, ensuring that it aids rather than replaces the human touch in coding. The ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated code also beckon a more thorough examination to ensure that the essence of creativity and originality in coding remains.  

With the fast-paced improvement of AI assistance unlikely to stop any time soon, it seems AI and development are going to be ever more tightly integrated as we move forward. Here at Sherbet Donkey we are continually monitoring and improving our use of AI tools in our development team to ensure that our processes are as fast, reliable and secure as they can possibly be.  

By finding the right balance of AI augmentation, our highly skilled developers can build your website faster and more efficiently without any loss of the human element that makes all our sites so powerful and desirable.

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